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KC-46A it is…

February 25, 2011 1 comment

After years of delays, fierce debates, a re-bidding and intense public relations battles, the KC-135 tanker replacement contract was awarded to Boeing’s KC-767 tanker which was up against the EADS North America KC-30.

Valued at over $30 Billion, this competition was witness to many twists and turns that put the spotlight on the many different players involved. What was an evaluation of aircraft proposals quickly turned into debates on illegal state subsidies, WTO rulings, patriotism, outsourcing, jobs and Mobile, Alabama vs Everett, Washington.

With Boeing opening a second 787 line in Charleston, South Carolina, there was a general feeling that Boeing’s traditional workforce in Washington was being undermined. With the KC-46A expected to be built in Everett, Washington, this win would give Boeing’s workforce in Washington a big morale boost.

More details here :

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Here’s the announcement (at the very end!) : Link (Credit : Flightglobal)

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EADS Revamps brand

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), the European aerospace giant, has revamped its brand and that of its subsidiaries with new logos as part of its Vision 2020.

EADS defense and security has been renamed to Cassidian and gets a new logo, while Commercial and Military airframer Airbus,  helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter and space division Astrium sport new logos.

Personally, I think the new logos look very good. However, I think that the Airbus logo would look better if the silver ball didn’t extend beyond the blue curves on the outside, so that basically, it would be the old Airbus logo with a 3D silver ball behind it.

More Here : EADS Press Release

Thanks for the heads up from : Flightglobal

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