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A Boeing and an 8 year old


The next thoughts that spring to mind are of a high-tech, massive, glamourous, aerospace company whose earnings outstrip GDPs of some countries. Now imagine an airplane-crazy 8 year old kid. At the most, what effect do you suppose a kid can have on Boeing? Turns out, the kid can send Boeing scrambling to salvage its image.

Boeing receives thousands of unsolicited ideas to improve their products and almost all of them are customarily disposed of. Enter 8 year old Harry Winsor. When Harry sent his drawing to Boeing, Boeing did the usual bit and sent him a curt Thank you note.  Harry’s father wasn’t amused and wrote about this on his blog. Things happened and eventually, Boeing invited Harry and his family to Seattle for tours of the Boeing assembly plant and the Future of Flight museum. They also gave him a Boeing bag with tons of Boeing goodies inside!

But Harry had the last laugh when he gifted Boeing a drawing he had made to thank them for the invitation. Guess what the drawing was? An Airbus A380. 😆

Credit must go to Boeing for being so sporting and making this happen. 

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